Owned by The Michael Family

About us.

The Alma Park Fish Bar was purchased by the Michael family in February 2018. The shop is run by the oldest daughter Grace who was taught to fry by her grandfather Ken. Ken has owned a successful fish and chip shop in Bridlington for over 20 years, but still occasionally makes an appearance in Alma Park. Other family members David, Sally, Harry and Dot are all regular features in the family business.


Our Food.

We are passionate about delivering high quality food to as many people as possible, as well as being a positive contributor to the local community. 

We are proud members of the National Federation of Fish Fryers and hold a 5 star food hygiene rating, all our staff are trained in Food Hygiene and Safety Level 2. 

Where possible our products are locally sourced, our bread is supplied by Grantham’s very own Bloomsbury Bakery, our potatoes are Lincolnshire grown and even our fishcakes are Lincolnshire made.

In the interest of inclusion of all our customers we do not fry in beef dripping, instead we opt for certified sustainable non-hydrogenated palm oil. This is a healthier option and allows us to still provide delicious dinners to our vegetarian customers. We have recently purchased a Vito oil filtration system which keeps our oil in top notch condition and when our oil is changed it is collected and recycled into biofuel.


We also look for the most sustainable and best quality when purchasing our fish. Atlantic cod is a firm favourite across the UK, and our MSC certified suppliers not only guarantee quality and freshness but also guarantee the fish stock in the North Atlantic will thrive for the generations to come.


We are also proud to announce that all our packaging is 100% recyclable.


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